Lorna Blu
Lorna Blu

Sets 1 - 10

Set 10. 


Sauce for the Goose



A treat for bum fans … with lots of anal play.  Masturbation with the baton and butt plug used in the other hole! 

I’m afraid I’m not a very stern looking policewoman, but I loved dressing up and playing the part … My baton was just the perfect shape for some fun too!

I did a video clip to go with these photos so look out for it on one of these links:






Visit the private gallery for the explicit photos

Set 9.


Lucky Me!


When I arrived at the hotel room, he was wearing a crisp white robe which contrasted beautifully with his dark skin – he was young and handsome with a dazzling smile …. Lucky me!

We kissed a while, and then I disrobed him and slipped the towel from around his waist.  Mmm… his delectable cock was already rock-hard.  I went down on my knees and took it into my mouth.  I gently fondled his balls while I was doing this, and looked up to see if he was enjoying it …. Judging by the look of ecstasy on his face, I’d say that he was!

I coaxed him on to the bed, knelt between his open legs and licked his lovely smooth balls whilst I gently wanked his cock.  I undid my bra and took his erect penis between my big soft tits, squeezed them together, moved up and down and watched his glistening bell-end sliding in and out from between my breasts … I could tell that he was getting close, and knew that he wouldn’t want it to be over too soon, so I asked him what he would like … he said that he’d like to pleasure me.  I said that it would be my pleasure

We swapped positions and he nestled his face between my legs … OMG, he was so good at it!  I could have indulged myself all day in this position…. His warm wet tongue stroking and teasing my clit drove me to ultimate delights and left me tingling all over.

He was very excited at this point so I impaled myself upon his big hard cock and rode him until he finally released the contents of his aching balls.

I was so excited after the event, that I had to re-live the experience using my big fat dildo.  You can watch as I undress and tease you – I’ll make you make you wish it had been you!

Set 8.


What went on at the Hotel


I was working away, and stayed at a hotel which has a pub next door – I decided to pop in for a drink and a bite to eat.  After ordering my drink at the bar, a rather attractive man approached me and said that he loved my sexy seamed stockings. I asked if he’d like to join me at my table (which of course he did).  I teased him and flirted with him … I revealed my stocking tops and rubbed my thigh against his leg, I dipped my sexy black patent leather stiletto court shoes and undid the top buttons of my blouse.  I think he got the message!

I asked him if he’d like to come to my room and have a closer look at my sexy seamed stockings … he was more than happy to oblige!

In the hotel room, I did a slow seductive striptease for him.  I think you’ll find that the pictures tell the story ….

You will love the ‘grand finale’ photo …. A lipstick smeared cock and stocking tops covered with cum!

Very detailed close-up shots in this set.  

Set 7. 


Some Special Panties


These photos feature a special pair of panties.  Matt had asked if he could buy some worn satin panties, and to see photos of me wearing them.  As a special bonus, I inserted the panties into my pussy so they would be delightfully aromatic.  




Set 6.


A Very Naughty Housewife



Sigh! I’ve been getting my chores done today … Dusting, cleaning the bath etc 

It’s not very often you’ll see me with Rubbers Gloves, an apron and a duster!

I was feeling quite stressed after all that housework and felt the need to unwind.  I was just looking in the fridge to decide what to have for lunch when I spotted this delightful looking cucumber!  I felt instantly horny!  I think you can imagine how this tale ends!

Come and join me as I do my work.  You can peep up my skirt and watch as I bend over in my stockings and suspenders.  I’m going to take off my panties so you can have some fun too.

Set 5


Inside the Lingerie Store Dressing Room


Have you ever thought you’d like to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room at a Lingerie store?  Well, you’re in for a treat because you can now be that fly!

I’m off shopping today for some new lingerie.  You can come too.  You can watch as I try on (and take off) various lingerie delights.  See if you can guess which ones I chose.  Which would you have picked for me?  Why don’t you contact me and let me know?    

Set 4.


Black Baby Doll


Why don’t you come and join me in bed?  I’ll tease you and tempt you by inviting you to play with my lovely big nipples.  They are nice and hard, just longing for you to tweak them, suck them and tease them with your tongue.  I’ll imagine you there…. touching me and kissing me.  Let me pull my panties to one side so you can see my pretty moist pussy, and I’ll envisage your cock growing big and hard.  Mmmm … how I long to have that throbbing cock inside my warm wet pussy.  I’ll put my legs over your shoulders and you can fuck me sooo deep and hard, then I’ll get on my hands and knees …. you can taste my delightful pussy juices and lick my cute little arse.  My holes are so wet and tempting now – just slide your cock in there, get a nice rhythm going … slow and deep, then faster and harder.  I want to feel your hot creamy cum shooting inside me.  Mmmmm how wonderful.

Now you can cuddle in beside me and enjoy sweet dreams.  Enjoy the naughty photos in my private gallery.

Set 3.


Frilly Fun


Frilly petticoat, white stockings and suspenders, See-through clothes and see-through glass Dildo.

Touch me, stroke my leg and feel the lustrous, silkiness of my sexy white stockings, run your hands right to the top of my leg … to that soft moist part which is so eager for you …

I’ll tell you how much I want to watch you wanking your hard cock, and what I’d like you to do to me.

Set 2.


A Girls Only Interlude


These photos were taken on a lovely sunny break in Spain earlier this year.  I’m joined by my gorgeous friend Curvy Claire.  The private photos (which you can see if you visit the links at the top of this page) feature horny and explicit girl/girl photos including French kissing, tit fondling, bums, pussy galore, fingering, oral sex, and toy play.  


To view the really naughty photos, visit the links at the top of this page

SET 1.


Fun in the sun


Such a lovely day, it seemed a shame to waste it.  I decided to have a drive and find a quiet spot for a relaxing afternoon reading and enjoying a picnic.  It had to be a really quiet spot because I wanted to kill two birds with one stone and do some photos for you too. 

You can view the private photos if you visit the links at the top of this page.

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