Lorna Blu
Lorna Blu


Sets 11 -20

Set 20.


Boots and the Bootie Bundle


I do so enjoy surprising people sometimes, don't you? Nice surprises, I mean, nothing unpleasant! For instance, I like the way my stylish, demure appearance makes people a little concerned they might offend me if they use strong language when I'm around. 


I remember last year when I went in to ask the handsome young man who was fitting my new bathroom if he would like something to drink. I opened the bathroom door, which knocked something that knocked something else that made him lift his head with a start and drop what he was doing under the sink. Water started squirting out and I heard him say "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" under his breath. Then he saw me and was a little taken aback, saying "Sorry Lorna, pardon my French." I was in a forgiving frame of mind - he *did* fill those jeans so nicely - and I told him not to worry, it was all my fault anyway. won't go into too much detail, but there wasn't much done on the bathroom that afternoon. However, in the bedroom? Fuck, fuck, fuck. Naughty me!


On the subject of surprises, a good friend of mine told me he had a couple of little items he had got just for me. Knowing him the way I do, I decided to surprise him as well, so I dressed a little more provocatively than usual. Do you like my leather skirt and boots look? It is one I know a few of you find very thought-provoking!  It certainly pleased my friend - when he opened the door and saw me like that he said he was all for pushing me up against the wall, getting my tits out and fucking me there and then. But then he said he wanted to keep something back until after I had seen the new toys he had bought for me. I was quickly down to my underwear, posing first topless and then bottomless and looking at his gifts from Ann Summers. 


He then produced a large jar of lubricant. I asked him what that was for, couldn't he see that my pussy was already beautifully moist?  He insisted on inspecting me quite closely, using his lips and tongue to confirm what I had told him (he could just have taken my word for it, but I didn't mind one bit!), then leaned in and whispered that these toys were meant for somewhere else...


I would be lying if I said I haven't occasionally dallied in that particular respect, and there was a hint of nostalgia as I eased the beads in and out of my tight little bottom. His eyes devoured the sight of my body quaking as I gave myself a nice little orgasm. I collapsed on the bed, face forwards, turning to smile wickedly up at him.


'That was nice', I said, 'what shall we do now?'


That was when I saw him smile back, equally wickedly, and reach across me to pick up the jar of lubricant...

Set 19.

Sexy (forgetful) Secretary


I set off to work this morning wearing my tight black skirt, sheer stretchy blouse, my good old Wonderbra, black patent leather 5” heels and of course fully fashioned stockings and suspenders.  I just had this feeling that I’d forgotten something …. Ooops, it was my knickers!

I’m working away from home for the next couple of days, so I’ve booked an hotel – I should be able to catch up on some of my admin this evening (yawn!)

I did set about catching up on some calls and dealing with some reports, but enough is enough … I began to feel horny.  I rummaged in my case, OMG, I’d also forgotten my rabbit :-(

I had a hunt around the room to see if there was anything I could use instead of my rabbit.  I found a perfectly acceptable substitute in the bathroom – a toothpaste canister.  A little spit to get it nicely lubricated.  Mmmm… that’s delightful (not in the same league as your wonderful hard cock), but all the same, it slid inside me very nicely.  I played with my nipples and tickled my sensitive little clit.  I closed my eyes and imagined that it was you making me feel this good, and was soon feeling very hot and wet.  After sliding my make-do dildo in and out a few times, I soon had that wonderful, tight, stress-busting feeling that comes with an orgasm.

If you see me when you’re out and about, ask me to check if I’ve remembered to put my knickers on!

Set 18.

Beach Baby


The sun has come out, and therefore, so has my favourite costume.  Let’s pretend we’re on holiday together …

We’ve spent the morning visiting the local market for some fresh fruit and veg, then wander up and down the cobbled streets, checking out the quaint little shops.  We stop for a morning coffee and some fresh orange.  The sun is really hotting-up now, so we take a stroll along the beach, dodge the waves and take in the lovely scenery and fresh sea air.  All this walking in the heat … phew, definitely time to head for the beach bar.  A nice cold beer, a spot of lunch (with a bottle of wine to share of course!), and then …. Its siesta time ?

The hotel room is nicely air-conditioned.  We are both feeling very mellow and horny after the wine.  You can watch while I tease you for a while … I’ll seductively take off my Sarong and fondle my breasts beneath my costume.  I can feel my nipples getting harder with the touch and the anticipation.  I slowly release them from the costume, and you watch as I play with my nipples.  I can see you’re keen to join in, your cock is straining to get out of your shorts, but I decide to keep you panting a little longer!  I sit on the chair, put my hand inside the costume and play with my pussy for a while – it’s feeling so wet and juicy now, I pull the crotch of the costume to one side and show you just how horny I’m feeling.  This is all too much - you’re desperate to join in the fun.  Even foreplay might be asking a bit much!  You rip off your shorts and manage a rather hurried suck on my nipples while you feel inside my pussy ... Oh yes, that pussy is very wet and ready to be fucked.  You coax me towards the bed, bend me over and push your rock-hard cock inside my delicious juicy cunt.  “Oh God, that’s amazing” I gasp, “So lovely and deep”.  I put my hand between my legs to touch and tease your balls as you slowly slide your cock in and out in a very controlled way.  “I need you to fuck me hard and fast” I beg.  It’s amazing … I can hear the slapping of flesh as you pound yourself into me.  “Cum for me darling” I cry “I want to feel you shooting your spunk”, and you do!  Leaving me with a very sticky pussy and gooey thighs as the cum drips down.

Now you can enjoy the naughty photos in the private gallery and join me on holiday …

Set 17.


Top hat and Satin Gloves


After a long day of shopping, tired feet, thirsty and in need of some TLC, the lady of the house (that’s me!) summons her man-servant to bring her a glass of wine and asks that he massage her feet.  He gently removes her stockings and …What do you know?  No panties on!

Well, you can see what happens in the private gallery.

Set 16


Lady Lorna


Work can have its compensations - sometimes!  At the little end of the scale I will never need to buy a paperclip again, but sometimes a major compensation comes along. One case I particularly remember was not that long ago, when an invitation to an industry awards evening came my way. I know some of the men going to these events complain about the dinner jackets and the bow ties they have to wear, but I really like the chance to slip into a lovely formal gown every now and again. Especially when I might get the chance to slip out of it later on, and show some lucky chap what I've been wearing under it all night long!  Unfortunately, my "plus one" was taken ill the day before the event, but the dress had been bought, the hotel had been booked and was I was determined to make the best of it so I went anyway.

 I wasn't sure if it was my unaccompanied status or my choice of attire, but I seemed to be making a few waves! In fact, I think I may have been the cause of a falling out between a younger couple who were there from another company, judging by the way the woman looked at me as she announced she was leaving. I think they had both been taking advantage of the free bar a little too much, because just after that he came up to me with a glass of champagne and in a slightly slurred voice told me would be the first of many he would bring me but on one condition - he wanted to touch my glove as he gave me the drink. I smiled and said that would be fine, and he gulped a little before stroking the back of my hand, then closed his eyes and slowly slid his fingers the length of my satin forearm.  I could see he had been yearning to do that all night, so he was delighted when I drained the glass and asked him sweetly if he could get me another.

 'But on two conditions,' I added, 'The first one is this. Just one more for me - no more for you.' He looked a little sad and surprised. Then I added 'The second condition is that you deliver it to room 314. Shall we say five minutes?'

 I won't go into too much detail about what happened afterwards, except to say that he was very fond indeed of the feel of satin! It also turned out he had been away from his fiancée for a couple of months until that very afternoon, two months where he had been a very good and faithful boy, judging by the large amounts he shot onto me and into me that night!

 Would you like to find out if my gown has the same effect on you...?

Set 15.


White and Wanton


I’m wearing a long white floaty skirt, a sexy little strappy feminine top, a quarter cup white satin bra, a wide satin six strap suspender belt, lace white thong, soft silky lace top white stockings and high heeled white patent court shoes.  Such a feminine outfit … I’ll pose for you on the stairs and let you have a peep at what I’ve got under my clothes, then I’ll take you to the bedroom and begin to undress.  I’ll slip the skirt down first, and bend over for you.  You can pull the thong string to one side if you like … lick my pussy and cute little arse (mmmm … I’d like that).  Put your finger inside and feel how soft, warm and slippy-wet it is.

I’ll take my top off next … my tits are just bursting to get out of that tiny quarter cup bra.  You can lie next to me now … my nipples are just a couple of inches from your face – just longing to be licked, tweaked and sucked.  I had to stop mid-way through these photos to masturbate … I’ve saved the result for you.

Set 14. 


Just in Jeans


I’ve been doing my shopping this morning – the nice kind of shopping … makeup, lingerie,  etc  I also popped into Anne Summers and treated myself to some new toys and a peek-a-boo bra (which I’ll show you in a photo set soon).  I came out of there with two large Pink and black carrier bags, which have Anne Summers written on, and the Playboy Bunny logo.  You can’t miss them!

Anyway, I decided to have some lunch before I went home.  I called in at a wine bar which also sells Tapas.  There was a table across from me with four men dressed in business suits –  I could tell by their interest and their chuckles that they’d spotted my Ann Summers Bags.  I was loving it … giving them cheeky looks and smiles.  Eventually one of them was brave enough to come over to my table for a chat.  “What have you been buying,” he asked, pointing at my bags,  “A ‘Morgasm Vibrating Cock Ring’ and a set of Anal Toys,” I told him … his eyes lit up and a big smile appeared on his face. I noticed a lump appearing in his trousers which he was trying to hide by pressing his legs together!  “Do you need a Guinea pig to try them out on” he offered.  I have to confess that I was tempted to take him home with me, but I had an arrangement later in the day so I graciously declined.  His colleagues called to him because they were going back to work, so we said our goodbyes.  I thought that was the end of my flirtation, but a couple of minutes later he came rushing back in and handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on.  Will I give him a call?  Ask me in a week or two!

The whole episode made me feel very horny and my pussy was very wet, so when I got home I headed to the bedroom for some solo fun.  You can watch … 

Set 13. 


Miss Jones


Miss Jones is Head of History in a large Educational Establishment.  She’s a rather prim, no-nonsense type of lady, but what you don’t know (which all the male lecturers, staff and students are aware of) …. Is that Miss Jones is a complete Nymphomaniac! Consequently, she’s very popular with the male staff in the establishment.  Miss Jones has a particular liking for men younger than herself – it’s their eagerness and virility, plus the fact that they tend to do as they’re told!

In these photos, Miss Jones lures an eager participant back to her house on the premise that she needs some help with a project, but the ‘work’ didn’t last for long, she began teasing him by flashing her fully-fashioned stockings, bending over and enticing him in the most erotic way.  She soon had his trousers off, and told him to put his hand inside her panties – she wanted him to suck on her nipples while he fingered her, and she gently wanked his very excited cock.  She didn’t want it to be over too soon, so she took off her panties and told him to kneel between her legs and taste those wonderful juices which were now seeping out of her hot wet hole.  She was ready to be fucked, but she warned him that he had to wait because she wanted to witness his eruption. 

She bent over and demanded that he fuck her good and hard, nice and deep … she wanted to feel his balls bashing against her pussy.  She played with her pussy while he banged her to an amazing orgasm.

His cock was rock-hard now. She lay him down, dribbled on to his cock for extra lubrication, and wanked and sucked his lovely hard cock.  When he was right on the edge, she put his cock between her big soft breasts and tit-wanked him to an an-earth-shattering-climax.  

Set 12 


Red Retro


Take a step back to the fifties and sixties …. I put on some Frankie Valley and enjoyed the music along the way.  The stockings are very special, rare - contrast, seamed, fully fashioned, and the finest I’ve ever worn.  The outfit is totally authentic.   except for the fact that I probably should have been wearing a girdle or corset - however, I couldn’t bring myself to part with my hard-earned money for such an ugly and uncomfortable garment!  If there are any corset/girdle fans out there, feel free to treat me to one, and I’ll do a photo shoot especially for you.

I’ve included some stood up bent-over shots so you can take me from behind, and perhaps play with my tits while you’re at it … or there are lots of ‘on the floor’ photos -  I’m on all fours so you can get down there with me – push your rock-hard cock inside my juicy, tempting crack and go for a bit of carpet burn!!

But … what you’ll really love in this set … are the ‘up-skirt’ shots.  The photos have been taken from between my legs on the floor – you can put your face just where the camera is, and then right at the end there are a couple of really close-up pics, where I squat down on to your face … you can tuck in with your tongue  - I’ll love every second of it!


Love Lorna Blu xx

Set 11


For the Stocking Connoisseur


I was sitting on the bed putting on my makeup when there was a knock on the door… the postman with a parcel. To my delight, inside were two pairs of stockings sent by a horny stocking-lover friend.  These were not any old stockings, they were Gios … ‘top of the tree’ in the stocking world.  Classy, Fully Fashioned, Seamed, RHT (reinforced heel and toe), black stockings with Cuban heels … and some specialist gloves to put them on (don’t want to put a finger nail through them) How very considerate of him!

You can watch as I try on my new stockings.  Mmmm, the feel of the silky, soft gossamer nylon brushing against my nipples was divine (you should try this on your cock one day). 

Instead of watching me undress, this time you can watch me get dressed.  It’s quite a work of art to put on these specialist stockings … the seams must be straight and central, and the suspender clips must attach to the special slot at the top of the stocking.  I’m sure you’ll agree that they look so fucking sexy!


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