Lorna Blu
Lorna Blu

Set 31. << New heading >>

Inappropriate Behaviour 


Two very horny Mature ladies dressed to kill in business attire; Black Stockings, Suspenders, Black Patent shoes, tight black skirts and sexy white blouses …. Kissing, teasing, undressing, nipple sucking and lots of tits and pussy photos.  Don’t miss the naughty photos in the private Gallery!

Set 29.

Bad in Black


As you may have gathered, every now and again my ladylike demeanour slips just a little bit, and the part of me that enjoys male company shows her colours that little bit more than usual. Actually, now I think of it, black isn't a colour, technically speaking, but I promise not to let that get in the way of a little pleasure, if you are willing to go along with me!


That is quite appropriate, as getting someone to go along with me was the reason behind the outfit I'm wearing in the photo update. I have been incredibly busy lately as people who have been trying to book me will know (Please be patient if you fall into this category, by the way. I will get around to your cock as soon as I can and I promise you, I'm worth waiting for!) Unfortunately for both you and me an awful lot of what has been taking up my time isn't sex. And a lady has certain needs as well, you know ...

Set 28.

English Rose


From time to time I have had the expression "English Rose" applied to me. It's always intended as a compliment and I always take it that way, though I think the meaning is a little different in the world of the elegant courtesan! To me it implies a special kind of innocence, an innocence that isn't really innocence at all. 


If you were to meet me, say across the bar of an upmarket hotel, I'd like to think you'd see me as beautifully turned out, in fine clothes, my hair and makeup just so. I'd like to think of you catching sight of me, liking what you see, then perhaps smiling at me.  I'd smile back. No words would pass between us, but I would catch your interest. You'd see me sipping a flute of sparkling wine, and your mind might start to wander a little. Was I waiting for someone? You'd notice I didn't seem to be looking around as people come and go. Perhaps I was certain that someone would be there soon? 


You'd glance over from time to time, each time that little more fascinated. Your drink is going down a little more swiftly than mine. You find yourself slowing down deliberately, taking the time to look for clues. You check my left hand, and your heart beats a little faster when you see I'm not wearing a ring. Then you realise I've seen you looking and you blush a little. I don't look upset. As discretely as you can you drain your glass, then walk up to the bar. 


You're standing around eight feet from me, so I'm sure you'll be aware of that nicely expensive scent I do so like. You turn and ask if you can refresh my glass and I smile and say that would be lovely.  All of a sudden eight feet between us seems very unnecessary when there's a perfectly good empty stool right next to me. We start having a civilised conversation, but it's not lost on you that I have a very nice cleavage. Being a gentleman, you do your best not to stare, and when you do make eye contact you'll see there is a reason I think my eyes are a better feature than my bosom. 


You feel yourself becoming a little intoxicated by the situation, but it's a very pleasant kind of intoxication, and when I laugh at one of your jokes and rest my fingertips gently on the back of your hand for a second longer than strictly necessary your heart pounds a little and you feel the blood setting off purposefully. You're pleasantly surprised when I ask if you'd like another drink, but then you amaze yourself by somehow finding the courage to turn down my offer and suggest something from the bar in your room. When you hear me say "That would be nice" you think it's perhaps the sweetest thing you've ever heard. 


We walk to the lift in silence, ride the three-floor journey in silence and the few scant inches between us feel agonisingly too far. The key card works first time, and you gesture me through the door. The door closes behind us. We're alone.  My scent fills your head, and as your eyes try to adapt to the darkness, you feel my arms closing over your shoulders, drawing you gently close to me so you can politely put your tongue into my mouth and I will let you...


And that is what an English Rose means to me. Would you like to meet her?

Set 27.

Dirty Business 


I've got my highly respectable businesswoman outfit on in this photo set - there's a reason for that!  You see, I have a few irons in the fire for future developments.  The only thing is these developments probably won't come cheap; then again, I am a firm believer in the saying you get what you pay for and without wishing to sound boastful I think my feedback shows there are quite a few gentlemen who agree with me! 

Set 26.


A Blu Summers Day


The lovely weather recently got me into a slightly nostalgic frame of mind, and with a little free time on my hands one sunny day I couldn't resist a trip to a place not too far away that holds a special place in my memories ...

Set 25. 

Polka-Dot Porn!




Domestic Goddess


Just love the vintage look!  I’m wearing a pretty pink spotty dress with petticoats underneath, white stockings and suspenders and very high patent pick court shoes.   I’m a Domestic Goddess in these photos!  I’ll tease you and let you see my stocking tops and panties, and then …. so much more.

Set 24.

PVC and Killer Heels



My outfit for this shoot was the decidedly un-ladylike PVC number you can see in the accompanying photos, a lovely shiny outfit that nicely enhanced my curves (the lengths I have to go to in order to avoid saying "made my tits look great") topped off - or should that be "bottomed off" - with some lovely dark stockings and the kind of boots that just scream out that the wearer is well-up for getting herself fucked!

Set 23

A Slow Sensual Striptease

I’m wearing a tight black skirt with a button-up satin low-cut blouse.  Fully fashioned Tan and black stockings, with a lacy Waspie, lacy panties and bra, and high heeled patent Black court shoes.  There’s slow music playing in the background.  I’ll slowly and seductively remove my clothes, whilst touching and stroking myself, I’ll bend over for you (perhaps you could pull the panties down for me?).  I’ll slip my boobs out of my bra cups and hold them for you to get a nice close look at my nipples.  Eventually, I’ll slip off my gorgeous silky stockings and you can watch as they glide sensuously over my legs, feet and painted toes.  Enjoy!

Set 22

Almost Angelic!


I’m coy, shy and demure today – definitely not a seductress.  I need a man to seduce me.  I want to feel his strong, protective arms around me.  Feel his hard, hairy body pressing against me … touching, kissing and caressing me …. and perhaps even carry me to bed.  “My body is yours” I whisper.  I can feel his erection through his Jeans.  I unbutton and unzip to release his eager cock, and he hurriedly removes all his clothes.  He looks amazing in his nakedness, with his cock stood to attention and lust written all over his face.

After some tender kisses and whispered words, he puts his hand inside my top and gently teases my nipple … mmmm, I can feel a warm surge in my pussy area.  He puts his hand inside my panties and slips a finger inside me – I’m already wet and wanting.  He pulls my panties off and I gently wank his cock – it is rock hard!  I can tell this is not the occasion for a long session of foreplay – he is desperate to fuck me.  He pushes my knees up and opens my legs so he can see my open wet pussy.  He can’t wait a moment longer … “I want you to fuck me nice and hard,” I say.  He leans over with one arm at each side of me and pushes inside me.  “Oh God, that’s amazing” He fucks me hard and deep and fast.  I can see him watching as my boobs bounce up and down – his breathing is heavy and I can feel his hairy chest rubbing against my nipples. “I want your warm creamy cum inside me,” I tell him.  This is followed by ecstatic deep moans …

Set 21

A Woodland Walk




There's something exciting about naughty outdoor photos ... The fact that someone may be watching you, or you could get caught!  All is revealed in the Private Gallery ?

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